Established in August, 2015, Wangjing Tech is the leading e-sports integrated services operator in China. The company has more than 300 employees in 4 main business groups, which are E-sports Events, E-sports Education, E-sports Venues and Digital Hardware. The business covers event information automation product development, event execution services, e-sports education, e-sports town, cyber bars operation, digital hardware development, etc. Wangjing Tech is committed to building an e-sports industry ecosystem.。

    E-sports Events

    Main Events

            ESCC:   Co-directed by General Administration of Sport of China and China Sports Venue Association, covers the venue leagues of 10 provinces and cities.

            QGC:   QGC puts forward the concept of Light E-sports. Provide a professional and highly-involved platform to mobile e-sports players

            TRE:   TRE complements the youth training system and talents supply system, gradually promotes the healthy development of e-sports.


        Hangzhou Yeyou:   Domestic first-class events execution ability with rich marketing experience. Tencent's designated promoters and agents. Undertake Tencent, Netease, Giants and other game companies' events.

        ASGARD:  Established in 2015, ASGARD won the champion of 2016 King Pro League, as well as 2016 QGC King of Glory Champion, 2016 KOC Champion.

        Auth Training Base:  Authorized by General Administration of Sport of China, in conjunction with the e-sports stadium alliance system, selecting young players for different games and levels with standardized and specialized training.

    E-sports Education

    Main Affairs

            Academic Education:   Cultivate e-sports professional executors. Open E-sports Management major. Arrange teaching plan according to e-sports industry demands.

            Study Abroad:  Cultivate e-sports overseas professionals. Open 2+2, education promotion. Open e-sports summer & winter camp. Exchange students between schools.

            Professional Training:   Cultivate e-sports industry professionals. Open e-sports professional training class. Provide multi-job training and employment service guidance. Employment practice.

            Online Business School:   Discover potential e-sports talents. Open e-sports innovation and entrepreneurship training camp. Online + offline, theory + seminar + visiting & observation of excellent enterprises.


    College Cooperation; Textbook Publishing; Talents Training; E-sports Standards

    E-sports Venues

    Main Affairs

            China (Hangzhou) E-sports Entertainment Town:  Introduce e-sports companies, well-known professional clubs and e-sports pan-entertainment brand events through policy incentives, investment mergers and acquisitions.

            E-sports Industry Development Platform:  First e-sports industrial fund supporting by e-sports town in China.

            E-Sports Venue Alliance System:  Introduce e-sports venues, clubs, e-sports design companies and event operating companies and other stakeholders.

            E-sports 1110 Cooperation Plan:  Invests and operates 10 professional e-sports venues, 100 standard e-sports venues and 1000 basic e-sports venues across the country. Build China's most systematic and standardized e-sports venue system.


    ----------------  E-sports Industry Fund – ¥ 1.5 billion  --------------------

    ----------------  E-sports Industry Operation – E-SPORTS  --------------------

    ---------------  E-sports Venue System Service – China National Sports   -------------------

    -----------  Cyber Bar Operation – Wangyu Master / Yu Keeper  ---------------

    Digital Hardware

    Main Products

            Self-service Game Studio-MGC  

            Pure Game Operating System-MOS  

            High Quality Player Circle-GAME ZONE  


        Hangzhou Haimio Technology  





Adhering to the user-oriented principle, Wangjing Tech has rooted in the e-sports industry and maintained close relationships with partners in ecological chains.

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